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The most difficult moment that cannot be ignored when deciding to buy a new home is certainly linked to personal priorities. The first doubt concerns the size which seems to be an obvious theme, but it is one of the fundamental points that greatly affect the choice. Is it better to buy a large house or settle for a smaller one? A great dilemma that is fundamental for a matter of habitability and personal comfort

The choice does not always fall on the large house, sometimes, in fact, one prefers to opt for a smaller but more comfortable size and not just for economic reasons.

Advantages of a small house

Minimalism – Opting for a small house is definitely a way to furnish it scrupulously, paying attention to the spaces, without exceeding with useless decorations. Usually, the space available is directly proportional to the amount of useless objects.

Creativity – For the most creative people, the small house becomes a sort of exciting challenge that involves choosing solutions that can be adapted to small spaces. Corner, wall, casket and flush with the wall systems are the choices on which the decision often falls.

Cleanliness and order – Surely a small house implies less effort in terms of management. Keeping it in order is essential, but also quite simple, thanks to the small spaces.

Welcome – Living in a small house gives a sense of welcome and protection. The not very large spaces, which have a good layout with few furniture and ornaments, help to feel good and relax.

Easy to heat – Heating a small house is much easier than large spaces. Usually, it will be enough to opt for a space heater and a good wall and floor insulation system.

Useful tips

If you opt for the purchase of a small house, remember to pay attention to the colors of the walls, fixtures, doors and furniture. It may seem like a trivial detail, but it is essential for the perception of space. Choosing light or neutral colors is always a good idea. Choosing white, for example, is a smart solution to capture the light and give the feeling of more space.

However, this does not mean that you have to eliminate all the colored details or make sure that everything is monochromatic.