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Buying a house for the first time is scary. So when you’re looking for a home and feeling bored, pop in one of these movies instead. You’ll be surprised at how fast you get through the process and start enjoying your new life. When it comes to getting a house, you can learn many lessons from movies. There’s the happy ending you expect and the struggles that don’t happen. Click to learn more. When you buy a new place, it’s usually a good idea to find a house that’s foreclosed. When you go in and check the place out, it’s a good idea to play these movies in your head as if you are the owner.


1. Do research

In When Harry Met Sally, Sally brings Harry to meet her real estate agent. She wants the agent to have confidence in her. One of the things she does is research him. She looks him up in the phone book and reads a couple of his articles in the paper and magazines. When looking at a house, it’s a good idea to ask yourself who lived there before you. The more questions you can answer before your visit, the better your chance of getting what you want out of your deal. Even if others have lived there, make sure you know exactly how they lived and how they left behind everything no one should ever lose when moving out.


2. Play hard to get

Robin wants to go out with Gary and other guys in The Dating game. So, she goes around in circles every night and tries to play them off each other, so they’re not interested in her. What she doesn’t tell them is she’s looking for a boyfriend. Instead of letting the men find out what she wants, she plays hard to get by, saying it’s too hot outside or there’s a thunderstorm or whatever excuse comes up at the moment. In real estate, you may want to say no for months before you finally say yes. If you’ve got someone interested in buying your house and he asks if he can call you some time or come over, tell him no. Or if you’re out at a bar, come home and tell the buyer he can text or call you but not come over. This allows you to find out what he’s interested in, whether it’s your house or something else entirely.


3. Don’t give up

In The Pursuit of Happyness, Will has been trying to get a job since he was ten years old and never had one. His dad always told him to quit because it would be easy for him to get another job once he had one. But Will refused to quit and continued going for interviews even though other people would have given up by now. When buying a house, people are always thinking, “this is too much work.