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Are you looking for the best Telugu web series in 2022? Many people love to watch web series these days, and most are looking for the top-rated best series. Even though there are many Telugu web series and online platforms for watching, it is hard to find the right one for your choice. Most online streaming platforms do not provide all web series episodes or may not have your favourite web series. Thus, it makes it hard for the viewer searching for a particular Telugu web series online.

Aha OTT platform provides an effective solution for all these problems by providing a list of all Telugu web series to watch. If you are looking for the best web series in 2022, you must try watching Anya’s Tutorial, 11th Hour, and 3 Roses which is currently streaming on aha. You can find all the episodes of these series arranged in perfect order in aha, and you only have to search for them.

The cast of Anya’s Tutorial, 11th Hour, and 3 Roses

Pallavi Gangireddy directs Anya’s Tutorial web series, and the cast members are Regina Cassandra, Nivedhithaa Sathish, Pramodhini Pammi, Darsh, Sameer Malla and Sai Kamakshi Bhaskarala.

Praveen Sattaru directs 11th Hour, and the main character of this web series is Tamannaah Bhatia as Aratrika Reddy. The other cast members are Arun Adith, Vamsi Krishna, Madhusudhan Rao, and Shatru.

The central characters of 3 Roses, directed by Maggi, are Eesha Rebba, Payal Rajput and Purna as Ritu, Jhanvi and Indu. Other cast members are Ishan, Prince Cecil and Harsha Chemudu.

The story of Anya’s Tutorial, 11th Hour, and 3 Roses

Anya’s Tutorial is a Horror thriller movie which involves Anya, her haunted house and her YouTube channel. Her YouTube channel gains popularity when her viewers find hints of paranormal activities in her house. Later, Anya decides to explore the haunted house to her advantage even though her sister tries to stop her, resulting in a worse situation.

11th Hour is a crime thriller web series in which the protagonist Aratrika Reddy faces a multi-layered high-stakes boardroom challenge that unfolds in a single night. The web series is about Aratrika hopping and working towards a miracle in saving her company, which is on the verge of being forced into bankruptcy due to a political conspiracy.

3 Roses is an adult comedy-drama web series which involves the story of 3 best friends – girls, who reunite when their family calls them back for marriage. It contains a series of events and changes in their life after they meet again.

Watch the best Telugu web series of 2022 in aha

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