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Selling a property is not an everyday thing for the general masses. You are new to these things. There are a lot of things that you will need to learn in along the way. For instance, the valuation of your property is a tricky task. You need an expert for that, and you also need to pay equal attention to every detail and paperwork. You can’t simply rely on the experts and professionals; paying attention by yourself will ensure you get the most profit out of the sale. Now, there is a possibility that you think that it will be much better to go for a service that does all that by itself. And you get the cash right away. There is a service in Ohio called; they finalize the deal in just three steps. 

What benefits do you get from a direct buyer?

A direct buyer like H3 Home Buyers can make your work easier. By simplifying the process, you eliminate the need to pay commissions, extra charges, useless expenses, and more. Just look at the commission only agents charge. Then there are lawyers and all kinds of people involved. Here’s what H3 home buyers do that will surely benefit you.

The first and foremost task of selling a house is preparing your house to look attractive and clean. Sometimes, you must fix, renovate, or repair the house’s interiors. The cost of renovating or repairing house interiors will increase your expense exponentially. Not to mention the wages you have to pay to the workers.

After that, the property evaluation needs an expert whose fees will also be unbearable. Agents also charge a hefty commission that will consume most of your sales profit.

Still not convinced? 

Here is the list of things you need to do before selling a house-

  • A deep cleaning by a professional typically costs between $200 and $400. The size of the home will determine the numbers. You could do this on your own.
  • On average, sellers spend only $145 on landscaping.
  • Posting attractive, professional pictures of your home is crucial to selling. Professional photography will generally cost about $200.